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Opportunities Wanted

I am available for freelance work on all types of vehicles. Please shoot me an e-mail, I will gladly try to answer any questions as well. I am currently (under) employed and seeking full time work-please feel free to forward my resume to other interested parties. Thank You, Steve

Abbreviated Resume:


May 2004- Feb. 2011

Purchasing Manager

Acquisition Manager, responsible for business migration
to AfterFX.
  • Organized and audited all inventory, supplies and project vehicles
  • Performed Valuations on all holdings
  • Refined Purchasing and Costing Systems to
    reflect the new business model
  • Renewed, re-negotiated and revised all vendor contracts
Purchasing Manager, responsible for:
  • Developing a proper inventory control system
  • Establishing purchasing & pricing procedures
  • Tracking and accounting for all shipments
  • Coordination with sales persons, technicians, vendors and customer
  • Maintaining timely and efficient work flows
Projects included custom vehicle construction:
  • Design & Specification
  • Contract manufacturing of specialized parts
  • Negotiating pricing and delivery dates with
  • Programming electrical components into
    specialized systems
Project Manager of all Vintage Restoration projects, including:
  • Vehicle history research
  • Sourcing correct original and reproduction parts
  • Scheduling in house labor and sub-contractors
  • Documentation (photographs and written journals) of all phases of the disassembly, repair and re-assembly of several vehicles, including the complete restorations of a 1966 Corvette Convertible and a 1969 Porsche 911S
Trained and supported technicians for automotive accessory installation and troubleshooting.
Also responsible for all mechanical system tuning and pre-delivery systems testing.
Accessory Systems, including:
  • GPS tracking
  • In car video and sound systems
  • Communications and telematics
Training and Support, including:
  • Design & execution of electrical systems
  • Research evolving technologies
  • Programming system modules
Projects included completion of 1969 Camaro restoration-modernization with:
  • Custom fabrication of interior components
  • Complete vehicle wiring harness to incorporate modern computer controlled engine management system
  • Security and entertainment systems