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Remote Car Starter

Remote Car Starters- 

What is it, Who needs it and how best to get one ?



They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so there you have it. It's cold out, or raining hard or just plain nasty. Everyone is tight for time nowadays, so to gain access to your transportation, you'll have to suit up at least once and slog on out there in the nasty weather to get your car ready for today's action.

What is a Remote Starter ?

 Legend has it that remote car starters were first used by some "gentlemen" who needed to check their car for any unknown hazards before approaching the vehicle. Today, the technology has the practical application of preparing your car for it's daily routine serving yourself and your family.

The original remote starter was a fairly simple arrangement that allowed a radio frequency transmitter to signal the vehicle to turn on the ignition, crank the starter and run the engine.

The old systems usually worked fine, and cars were a lot more basic back in the day. Most cars didn't even have one computer on board when this gadget was first developed !

 Today, your car is a bundle of inter-connected computers and wiring that makes up over 50% of the value of the vehicle. Chances are that you don't even use a key in the ignition switch anymore. So a modern remote car starter is programmed to addresses your car through the data bus as well as some traditional hard wired connections.

Who Needs a Remote Car Starter?

Admittedly,  not everyone needs a remote car starter. But if you'd like to save some time, drive a comfortable, safe vehicle and protect yourself from unnecessary hazards- you may be a candidate for this valuable accessory:

Moms and Dads with Children:

You always have you hands full, errands to run and appointments to keep. Sound familiar? Save some time by having the family car prepared and ready to go when you are. Click the remote starter button while you round up the troops for school, and by the time they are ready to go, your car will be warmed and defrosted. Just brush off any loose snow or ice and begin your day. You just saved a little time, and increased the safety of the first trip of the day. Repeat as needed for all those important stops throughout the day !


Ready to run out the door at 6 AM? Grab your bag, phone, coffee and a snack.Too bad your car is freezing cold and covered in frost- you could just click that button as you prepare to leave and enjoy a ready, toasty car. Later on, whether you need to dash out quickly from the office, or arrive back in town late at night- just prepare your car easily by activating the remote start from your key fob.The running engine and illuminated lamps will safely guide you to your waiting vehicle !

Seniors and Folks with Medical Conditions:

Sometimes you just need to get out of the house. Save a trip to the car and start it up from inside. You'll have some extra time to get organized or take a last minute phone call- and your car will be warm an waiting when you are ready. As you make your stops for the day, you can safely get your car ready before you leave the market or the doctor's office for your next appointment. You will save a little time and be much more comfortable !

Click on over for a no obligation Quote-

If  you're interested in a Remote Car Starter, I will gladly provide a no obligation price quote, or simply answer any questions that you may have.  Contact Information Page.

Please provide the Year, Make and Model of the vehicle that you would like to have Remote Started.


  1. I use mine in the morning while getting ready for work. It's good to have the car already running. Especially in the winter months. That way it can be warmed up, with most of the windows defrosted when I'm ready to drive to the office.

    Ansel Marvin | ARA

  2. I never thought I would use the remote starter when it came with my car, but it's actually one of the nicest features! I leave early for work and no one wants to get up earlier in the winter to scrape the car. This is so much more convenient.

    Jenn |

  3. My husband and I have been thinking of getting a remote car starter. We have heard good things about them and they seem pretty convenient. I wonder where we would go to get one. Looks like I better do some research.

  4. It would be really cool to have an automatic car starter. I know a few cars that have this option already. Can you get starters like this for cars that don't originally have that option? I would love to have this for the winter. It could really save me a cold ride in the car.

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