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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

AND the internet-

I missed that part in my last post. The technician working on your car is VERY important, but the fact is that he or she really will not be able to install a remote start without the Internet. While it is possible for a good technician to open up your dash and locate most of the needed connections the old fashioned way, you'd probably have a $500 bill just for the research! And there are plenty of installers who may have done an similar model and will have most of the information needed on hand.

So- on to the research first. Assuming that your technician has not done your particular vehicle before, they could make a few phone calls and get most of the tech tips needed, probably a day spent waiting for call backs, etc. And there are many good subscription services that provide good technical information- your installer will want to verify and compare even the trusted sources, though. There's even a really good free message board that has lots of knowledgeable installers on line every day, but again, it takes time to do the search or post a query and wait for responses. Already you needed the Internet-

On to the installation- with the proper product and information in hand, your installer will still probably need some form of data interface to make your vehicle "speak to" the remote start for many important functions. My favorite supplier is Idatalink, amazing things these folks do! To keep cost under control, most shops will carry a programmable unit like the ADS-AL CA. The smart installer will carefully check your vehicle for factory features and options, and then, via the Internet, program a module specifically for your application. Now it's up to the installer to integrate the remote start, programmable module and your vehicle into a harmonious blend of wiring and technology.

That should cover about 95% of the cars normal folks own and drive- but on to the next level! If you happen to drive and Audi Q7 or Range Rover, you will want to locate a shop that has (successfully) installed such a system before- NOT a DIY project at all. And if the technician says "we need to send the $500 key cylinder to Canada, eh- for modification", they probably aren't kidding. It's rough to be wealthy!

And of course there's Mercedes Benz- only place to trust with this brand is Mid City Engineering. I have no idea how they do it- something about the pizza out there in Chicago, but these Guys have cracked it. An excellent product that works- and is sold by Mercedes Benz directly! Take a minute to check out all the cool stuff they do on their main page. But hey, no Internet, no information, eh?

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